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Download Minecraft PE Trails and Tales for Android with a working Xbox Live: move around the game world using crawling, discover new structures underground and upgrade armor!

Minecraft Update Highlights

The “Tales and Trails” update brings a refreshed sense of adventure, teeming with new formations and distinctive blocks. Dig beneath the enigmatic sand, and players will stumble upon relics of old. Using the Sniffer, players can now locate seeds with greater ease.

Blocks Overview

Minecraft introduces a charming new wood type, characterized by its alluring pink hue. These cherry blocks are more than just pleasing to the eye; they’re versatile. Similar to existing wood varieties, cherry wood can be fashioned into various items like hanging signs, doors, stairs, and so much more.

Amongst the sand blocks, some stand out – the mysterious sand blocks, which act as indicators for prime archaeological sites. Keep an eye out for peculiar gravel too!

Mobs Features

The game’s animal kingdom boasts many special creatures, yet the Sniffer stands apart. This unique mob not only searches for seeds but also guides players to them. Cultivating this creature is straightforward: place an egg on a moss block, and within 10 minutes, players can anticipate a brand-new mob emerging.

Biome Highlights

The “Cherry Grove” is a standout addition in the Minecraft update. This pink-tinted biome, dominated by its pink-hued trees, offers falling petals which players can gather and subsequently transform into dyes.

For those in pursuit of novel escapades and treasures, the “Trail Ruins” are a must-visit. Mostly buried, only the apex of this structure is visible on the terrain. Within its confines, players should keep an eye out for smithing blueprints, pivotal for forging exclusive armors.

Updated Game Mechanics

The Minecraft PE update has introduced significant shifts in gameplay. Players now have a wider range of options, allowing for global possibilities. One notable addition is the crawling feature, enabling access to areas that were previously unreachable.

This newfound ability proves especially beneficial in survival mode. Players can now seek refuge from chasers, slipping through tight spots which most mobs can’t penetrate. Such changes pave the way for deeper exploration and understanding of the game’s universe.

Music Disc Feature

The Minecraft edition has brought with it a range of new items, with the music discs emerging as a highlight. Each disc carries its unique tune.

This fresh feature enriches the game by offering a sonic journey. Players can now relish a variety of tracks during their escapades, enhancing the overall mood and feel of the gameplay.

The Sniffer Egg

A distinctive item called the “Sniffer’s Egg” has been unveiled in the Minecraft PE update. Exclusively located in the suspicious sands of sea dungeons, this item is a rarity.

Unearthing the egg necessitates the use of an archaeological brush. Players are advised to tread with caution, ensuring the eggshell remains intact by delicately excavating the surrounding sand.

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Minecraft PE APK

Credits: Mojang Studios
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